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What I'm about!

Why am I running?

I’m running because we need a serious contender to run for the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors.  We have a voter-approved prison that has become an ever changing construction and budget mess, a county voting system that doesn’t allow districts to elect their own officials, and at least one County Supervisor who wants direct control over the pay rates of elected officials, such as the Auditor and Sheriff. This is unacceptable

We have the opportunity to press pause and restart.  When elected Supervisor, I will hold weekly press conferences/video updates to be 100% transparent on the happenings of this board.  I will fight to make Woodbury County a Plan 3 county, where each district will elect its own Supervisor.  I will raise hell to make sure no supervisor can eliminate our fair and just Compensation Boards, allowing corruption to seep into our system.



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