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Hi, I'm Jeremy



Growing up on a farm outside of Soldier, Iowa I was no stranger to pig chores, walking beans, and husking thousands of ears of sweet corn for canning.  After a childhood filled with WWE, fort building, and baseball; I attended Western Iowa Tech and Morningside College to earn a Bachelor of Arts.  After a decade of non-profit work, I returned to Morningside to earn my teaching certificate. I’m currently employed as an Art Teacher; a job that I love. 

In 2009, I married Tisha, and soon after I adopted Bernadette and Tristan.  Tisha is currently a nurse at a local hospital where she worked through the pandemic.  Our kids are both pandemic graduates of the Sioux City Community School district and are finding their places in this strange new world..    We have a dachshund named Steve who loves Tisha much more than the rest of us.  


In 2011,  my wife Tisha was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  The doctors said, "if a person gets cancer, this is the cancer to get."  The good news was it was highly treatable and we had insurance.  At least we thought it was good news, turns out, Tisha's insurance was junk and soon had met its annual cap for services.  To make matters worse, she was forced to stop working requiring us to join COBRA and pay full price for an insurance policy that no longer provided benefit.  We made too much money for Medicaid and our savings were gone in a matter of months.  Shortly after her radiation treatment, I received a bill in the mail; she was charged $30,000 dollars for two pills; that's $15,000 dollars each.  I hid the bill from Tisha until I couldn't keep it from her any longer.  It was an unimaginable amount of stress for our family and this was the "good cancer."

That crisis pushed me to get involved politically at a level I've never been before.  I dove in headfirst and for five years the entirety of my free time was devoted to trying to fix things.  Hundreds of events and door-knocking campaigns were all designed to elect people who would put people before profit.  I got a first-class education in politics and became disgusted by the bureaucracy that exists within our systems of government

That's why I'm running...I'm going to raise some hell and shake up the system to point out what is right and wrong about the systems that use our money.  I owe that to you as a candidate - I owe that to my family as a husband and a father.


My Vow to You and Yours

I know what it's like to be broke and be in serious debt.  I learned lessons early in life so I can be successful now.  I hate credit and use it sparingly and rarely now in my personal life.  

Your tax money is a credit to a better tomorrow and I will make sure we use it effectively, efficiently, and sparingly.

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