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Mental Health

The burden of mental health is weighing on our first responders, law enforcement and hospitals.  We need to have an honest conversation about how we address these issues.  We can no longer ignore the strain from a lack of sufficient services in Woodbury County and Iowa.


Working people are the backbone of our community.  Every effort needs to be made for the fair and ethical treatment of workers at all levels of county employment as well as working to ensure the rights of business and their employees are protected.  


The new jail is a mess.  Ever-changing plans and budget alterations due to inadequate planning and preparation will end up costing Woodbury County taxpayers millions more than was promised when the county voted to build this prison - all before the cost of inflation.  The prison needs new eyes to monitor its progress and work to make sure what is built is safe, secure, and soundly built; while being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of Woodbury County. 


I am a homeowner, I pay taxes,  I grew up on a struggling farm;  I get it. I don't want to pay higher tax rates either.  I am going to work to ensure your or my taxes will not go up.


We have to conserve energy and money.  The county owns property that will allow for solar and small safe windmills that can generate enough energy to eventually help elevate a tax burden to our residents.

It's possible and it is the future.  

Pandemic Response

As the pandemic is reaching its conclusion, we thank the healthcare workers, teachers, and laborers who put their lives at risk to continue American progress.   My promise to you is a fair board that will take threats of disease seriously should our county see another outbreak of a public health threat.


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